August 4, 2015

Tuesday: Summer Bummer

The summer vacation is coming to a close for most kids my age. Back to school in less than a month. This year my schedule is quite ridiculous on Mondays and Wednesdays as I'll be in school from Eight in the morn to Eight at night. It's good that I don't have any classes Friday, but I'll most likely be working at Tim Horton's morning shift every Friday. So, I'm hoping for a semester where I do not crash and burn. If I do, I hope it's quick. In the meantime I'll kick back, watch some netflix and get ready for another sports season.

In other news, has anyone else played the EASHL Beta? I've been playing with my cousin 2v2 and we're having some fun. Love how this year they are just doing player classes. It was so terrible every year facing the players who played non stop and had their little speedy midgets fly by you and not being able to stop them. Now it's an even playing field (for the most part) and if you're good at the game, you'll win (most of the time). The other day I played a Quadruple OT game and we ended up winning. It was quite exciting actually. 2v2 usually leads to a more boring game but it's nice. Especially since my cousin isn't the most skilled at the game. Oh well, it's about the fun, correct?

As I post this I'm playing Roller Coaster Tycoon. Took out all the rides and I'm watching all the guests puke, litter, and complain. Yes, my life has come to this.


Taylor R.

Ryan G.

Phil B.

Kevin B.

COTW July 26-Aug 1 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
WWE Comp entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Chase C. - Vancouver Canucks Concept
 Chase showed off this jersey in blue yesterday. I'll start off by saying I prefer it in blue. Mostly because the middle stripe being green makes the striping look too small and bunched up. Switching the colors of the striping as a whole with the jersey would probably make this look much better. I do like this idea though. I probably would like this better than the blue one, especially as an alternate if the striping colors were switched.

Rating: 7.6/10

Atlanta Braves Concept - Matt G.
 Baseball is something we don't see around here that much. When we do get a glimpse of it we get something very interesting. Matt continues that trend here. The striping is unique and to me it seems fitting. I like the use of the design on the pants. Would probably be too risky and difficult to use it on the jersey. My problem lies with the white jersey. It feels too empty to me. Maybe have blue below the arrow striping just to fill up the bottom more. And the always easy to add yoke color. Alternate is interesting. I would say make the lettering white so it's easier to see when in use. Other than what I've said everything else is pretty damn nice. Great work!

Rating: 7.9/10

Grand Rapids Griffins Alternate Jersey - Ryan C.
 This jersey reminds me of a different Washington Capitals jersey. It's a different design and I'll applaud Ryan on doing so on his most recent work. I guess my biggest complaint here is that in my opinion is doesn't look that great. I guarantee someone comments on this with a COTW later though. Unique designs. You'll have a love hate relationship with them. People will praise it and others will simply not like it. I'm in the middle with this one. It's interesting the way the striping works. I guess I'd have to see it in use, mostly because the white on the arms might be on the blindspot of the jersey and would almost never be seen.

Rating: 7.2/10

Colorado Avalanche / Detroit Red Wings Stadium Series - Snow Monster
Snow uses the first Stadium Series designs to shape up one of this years matchups. Obviously, the jerseys will not look like this, especially if the Colorado leak is true. Let's take this back to 2014. Would these work. Scold me in the comments, I don't care, but other than the huge skewed numbers and straight names the Detroit jersey is actually quite pretty. I'd be interested in seeing it made. Maybe I'm just having a crazy day. I haven't had any sugar and I'm usually always on a sugar high. The Avalanche jersey to me is in the other direction. The slanted chest stripe meeting up with the slanted hems and the same stripes on the yoke and arms cause this to be a little too busy for me. Also, as much as I love the yeti foot as a shoulder patch and I'm sad to see it go, I wouldn't want it on the front of a jersey actually. Although, I'd experiment more with the gray look. Could be something there!

Rating: 7.6/10 Overall
Detroit: 8.3/10
Colorado: 6.9/10

That's it for me today. Hope everyone has a great week. When I post next time it will be one week closer to hockey season. Or if you're a die-hard hockey fan like I am I'll reword it to one more week until the Regular Season. Also, my O'Reilly jersey still has not SHIPPED. I ordered it 21 days ago. Think someone had a little too much suds and crashed into a Tim Hortons? I hope not. I want that jersey. It will be my drinking jersey!

August 3, 2015

Monday: Another Day, Another Post

Hello folks! Welcome to Monday! Jack is back!

I know this may be late news, but I do want you folks to know that I type up this post a day in advance, primarily due to my work schedule lasting from 7:30 to 3:30 central, aka when the post goes up. BUT the guys over at EA must be feeling in a very high position of power. After "accidentally" spoiling the very not good Sandy Eggo Gulls jerseys, they have gone on to release the logos of two teams, the Grand Rapids Griffins and the Mississauga Steelheads.

(image via flamezgaming on

Wow... what do I have to say about this? That Steelheads logo is very nice, much better than the old one. I always thought the old one looked too much like this one Magic card my brother and I had. So, I always pictured it less of a tiny trout and more of a massive monster breaking the surface of the water with the intent of swallowing sailing vessels whole. I mean, if you're trying to intimidate the opponent, it's a great way to do it. It just wasn't for me. The new logo looks more like a fish who's fighting his way up stream. It gets a 7/10.


The resemblance is impeccable.
(images via Mississauga Steelheads, Wizards of the Coast)

The OTHER logo is actually a giant scary monster, and I am not a fan. It's just so cartoony. I loved every logo that GR had to offer, and wish they really went for a more a classic design. I always thought the old logo, although not very original, looked so stoic perched atop the word "Griffins." It wasn't great, but I still loved it regardless. The new one seems more like something they should save only for some special game around the time the next Godzilla movie releases. 4/10.


Voting. It's big. *snaps flood the room. you cannot hear anything but snaps*

I am a true poet. Thank you.

COTW July 26-Aug 1 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
WWE Comp entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Chase Carlson - Vancouver Canucks

Execution: Cannot find anything to complain about (1/1)
I love chest stripes, and this pairs perfectly with this Vancouver look. The repetition on the arms is great, and I love the tail stripe. It makes the jersey a little crowded down south, but I like it regardless. (1.5/2)
I wish the Canucks would find a good use for Johnny. This is it. (1/1)
It's not incredibly inventive, but I still think the elements of the jersey are fun enough to garner some points. (1.5/2)
The pants. The socks. The laces. What I like in a jersey. It is here. The only issue I have is the numbers. I wish there was something a little more classic for such a faux classic jersey. Other than that, this checks out great with me. (3.5/4)

I love simple yet strange jerseys like this. I wouldn't change much about this, and would love to see Vancouver wear something like this at least once. (8.5/10)

Chris Weidler - Fort Wayne Komets

Execution: The alternate and captain patches should be a little farther away from the logo. Other than that, it seems fine. (.75/1)
Striping: I like this. It seems to me like it's very cosmonaut 60's design, if that makes any sense. As much as I don't like full arm yokes, what you did with the hem stripe on the alternate is great and subtle, pulling the jersey fully together. I'm lost on what the black bar saying Komets is for, is that supposed to be down the sleeves? (1.25/2)
I could definitely see those home and away jerseys on display. (1/1)
For this team, I've seen more creative. The alternate does also seem a little templatey. (1/2)
I love that sock template, it's gorgeous. I would've added something to the pants, or at least a logo. A shoulder patch would also have been nice on the main set. And finally, the ad patch. It does not look good on the away where it is. If there isn't a shoulder patch, I'd put it up there. Where it is though contrasts too much with the rest of the jersey. White and blue and black and orange are dead opposite on the color wheel. (2.5/4)

A little too standard in the way of jerseys, but a great place for the team to be. (6.5/10)

CPM - Florida Panthers

I'd like to take the first part of this review to say that Colin, you did it! Congratulations on winning the open this year!

Execution: Nothing's missing. (1/1)
It's incredibly simple in the best possible way. I like it a lot. The yoke stripes are gorgeous, everything is clean, the slight slant on the arms is subtle but a nice touch. (1.75/2)
If only Florida would go to an all blue alternate to an alternate that only has the other colors. Even as a main set this would be nice. (1/1)
I've never seen someone remove blue from the Panthers before. The results are nice. Outside of that, though, the jersey is a little plain. (1.5/2)
I'm sorry, but the color scheme of this just has me thinking about Ronald McDonald. Navy was my favorite part of the Panthers' identity, and it's a little weird without it. Does this jersey stand as is? Yes. Do the colors make me think of a clown designed for selling fast food to children? Yes. (3.5/4)

Don't get me wrong, all jokes aside this is structurally a great jersey. I just wish a different color scheme was used, maybe adding the cut navy back in. I have to be forefront, there is just a style that you have in your jerseys with such clean lines and simple designs that you always manage to take the cake whenever I get handed one of your jerseys. (9.25/10) and a COTW Nom

 Matt Gomula - Arsenal
Execution: These crests are just way too big for these jerseys. (.5/1)
The striping itself is simple. It incorporates the team's colors well. I would've done something so the bronze pops more on the red. That wheat is superb though. I love whenever you add simple things like that up the arms. (1.25/2)
I think a team like the Griffins could easily use the alternate. I don't know about the main set though. (0/1)
It's very similar to the other Barclays jerseys you've done. Without looking at those it continues to be very different. (2/2)
I am not a fan of the sleeves on the away. the fact that they're completely black. I personally would've don a yoke. This reminds me a lot of the Arizona jerseys, and I do not like those at all. (2.5/4)

I like a lot of the ideas, but I just don't see them melded together that well. (6.25/10)


Well, that's todays post! Keeping it simple because I'm going into the city for a concert soon. Again, a big thanks to BPoe for doing the post last week.

Also, a bit of information, next week I'm gonna try doing something a little different with my post. Maybe it'll stick when I'm in college, maybe you guys will love it. Who knows? Let's see what happens!

-Jack G.

August 2, 2015

Sunday: The Post of Posts

Hey gang, welcome to another Sunday post!

First off, I want to say a huge congratulations to Colin for winning the 2015 HJC Open. It's the most challenging competition in HJC, and this year's version was the longest running and toughest. Surviving 5 rounds of concepts is never easy, but you've succeeded, and deserve to be called a Champion!

And another congratulations goes out to Christian, who had a very impressive run.

Finally, congratulations to everyone else for participating, voting, and being a part of something really special here on the blog.  I'm already looking forward to next year's competition.

We're starting a new competition right away, this time with a WWE/wrestling themed competition.  The rules are very open, just as long as it's wrestling themed (including WCW/TNA/ROH/etc) and it follows our normal competition guidelines. With the recent deaths of Roddy Piper and Dusty Rhodes, I'd love to see some concepts dedicated to them. 

Also up this week is our weekly COTW vote.  As few of concepts we've been getting lately, we've had some really top notch ones to pick from, so now it's your turn to vote and decide who gets the title of COTW.

I guess it's my turn to chime in on the new "leaks", courtesy of NHL16.  I'm sure you've all seen the pictures by now (if not, google is your friend), so I'll just give a quick review.

San Diego Gulls: As fantastic as the logos are, the jerseys are "OK" at best.  The striping pattern is alright, and its nice to see them use blue to differentiate from their parent club, but the side panel looks funky and the yoke seems out of place.  Not bad, but not great either. 6.7/10

Grand Rapids Griffins Logo: It sounds like the logo from their alternate jersey may become their primary. Their current primary, although a little aged, is still a fantastic logo. Their alternate logo is in no way a bad logo, but seems more cartoonish than it needs to be.  The city skyline in the logo is a great addition though.  7.6/10

Mississauga Steelheads Logo: I don't get this. Their current logo isn't exciting, but very sharp and identifiable. It's also not that old. The leaked logo is basically an excuse to have a roundel.  I love roundels, but even I think this is necessary.  The fish in the new logo looks less detailed and more "derpy" as well.  Totally pointless. 3/10

And on that note, let's get to the concepts!

COTW July 26-Aug 1 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
WWE Comp entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

New Jersey Devils - Ben B.

If a New Jersey concept doesn't involve a black alternate, is it really a New Jersey concept?  It's a well-tried and often-failed idea, but can Ben change that?

Logo is nicely recoloured.
Stripe pattern is simple, which fits with Devils' design choices.
Arm and hem matches.
Good outlining on text.

Not a fan of the square yoke.
Hem goes way too high on the jersey.
TV numbers are a tad small.

Overall: Not a bad concept, but not good enough to shine out of the Devils-alternate graveyard of designs.  7.4/10

Peterborough Petes -  Ben S.

Peterborough went through a redesign last year, but Ben tries to clean up their jersey set with this concept.

As much as I dislike the Petes using black as more than a highlight or outline colour, the logo looks surprisingly sharp in black.
Simplifying the stripes even more is a good move. The more old-school this team looks, the better.
Colours are well balanced.

The dark jersey should have gaps between the white and black stripes, to match the white jersey.
The logo could be moved down a little bit.
The white outline on the white jersey's TV numbers make the numbers hard to look at.

Overall: I didn't like the Petes' new set, especially with the black primary jersey. This is a redesign I can live with.  8/10

Tampa Bay Lightning - Mike S.

Mike continues his "Simple Series" with a stop in Tampa Bay.  The Lightning are experts at simplifying their jerseys as seen in 2011.

Very unique striping pattern.
Despite the funky stripes, the set definitely fits in the "simple" theme.

I could see the Lightning doing something like this, and it would be awesome for their jerseys to have some identity again.

I don't like how the lightning bolt on the pants looks squished.
The lightning bolt pattern can be a little more bold and defined, instead of just little ripples.
Black is really unnecessary here. It doesn't add anything to the design, and removing it would make the concept look more "simple".

 Overall: Its not simple enough, and yet not bold enough. Irregardless, its a pretty cool design.  8.1/10

Milwaukee Admirals - Ryan C.

Oh how I love the redesign by Milwaukee. It gives me faith that some AHL designers actually can be original and brilliant. Easily my favourite new design from anything new this offseason. But what we're missing is an alternate, and Ryan has a solution.

Swapping light blue and dark blue helps the logo pop out.
I like the skull only logo, but the full logo is so well detailed and design that it needs some jersey love.
The main round theme of the jersey stays the same, but the stripes and sides are enough to make this look like a good alternate.
Equipment is well designed.
Colour balance and execution are perfect.

I'm not sure, but having the name on the back as blue instead of white might help its readability.

Overall: Shut up and take my money.  9.6/10

The clear winner of my COTW nomination today is Ryan C's Milwaukee Admirals concept.

Don't forget to vote and send in your Wrestling Competition entries. Sadly, I doubt I'll get a chance to enter this time, because of moving.  But I expect some awesome and original designs from you guys.

Well, my mental break is over.  Time to get back to moving.  Today's task: find a location for my jerseys and giant hockey card collection so my girlfriend doesn't flip out...that may be difficult.

As always thanks for reading, and see you next week!

August 1, 2015

Saturday: Champion

The winner of the 2015 HJC Open is...

Watch the video to find out who won.

The winner of the COTW vote for July 19-25 was Christian L! I'm pretty sure this is the first time in HJC history that someone has won COTW 4 times in a row!

Full Results
Christian (HALF) - 11
Matt G. - 9
Alex H. - 8
Christian (SEA) - 7
Matt M (NY) - 4
Matt M (BUF) - 0

The new COTW nominees for July 26 - August 1 are listed in the poll on the side of the page. This is the final COTW vote for July. Voting ends on Friday at 11:59pm Eastern. Anyone with a Gmail/Google/Blogger account can vote!


With the HJC Open over we can start a new competition. Our next competition will be a WWE Competition!

This competition was suggested and supported earlier this year. It is a bit of a niche competition, but I still think we can get a fair amount of entries. It's simply WWE themed jersey(s). Give it a try, even if you're not a wrestling fan. You can use this opportunity to make a concept that makes fun of wrestling fans.

Entries are due Friday at 11:59pm Eastern.


COTW July 26-Aug 1 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
WWE Comp entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

July 31, 2015

Friday: Simply Blue

tsop yadirF eht ot emocleW !FIGT

This week, we've seen two of the final pieces out of the AHL jersey puzzle pieces that we've been missing for months, the IceCaps and the Gulls. One unveiled there's in regular fashion, the other had there's unveiled in the NHL16 trailer (Doesn't look like this will be the only unveiling from the video game). 

Unfortunately, as some of you may guess, I'm definitely not the biggest fan of the IceCaps copying the Habs jerseys. I really thought they would be the one team to not copy their NHL counterpart, since the Habs are such an identity that is theres, they'd do something more cookie cutter, but not an exact copy. Maybe the away jersey and a red version of it would be awesome, but not the copy of the Habs red jersey, it doesn't look...IceCaps...just...Habs. The Nova Scotia Voyageurs did something similar to that, it looked fine, why not do that? Money!

On to San Diego! Where we get what plagued the AHL for years before the recent copy trend, cookie cutter syndrome. The Gulls wear Flames/Bolts copies, with orange and blue being the main colours, which I really dig. Some people are against it, but it makes them look more separate from the Ducks and is nice a bright. We've only seen the white jersey, but right away, the black yoke looks completely out of place. Scrap that and they're solid....compared to a Ducks copy.

IceCaps: 5.75/10
Gulls: 6.25/10 (6.5/10 if the yoke is removed) of course is Friday, and as you know, Fridays are important as they are the last days to get your votes in for most competitions. HOWEVER....this is no ordinary Friday! This is the LAST day to get your vote in for the HJC Open finals! The 2nd most important vote of the year, and have your say in which titan of HJC wins, CPM or Christian L

Don't let COTW get lost in the excitement however!

HJC Open Final entries (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW July 19-25 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

On to the concepts!


Calgary Flames Concept (By: Ryan C.)

+ This is one of the best "what if the Flames had an alternate in 1995" concepts I've seen, the colours are balanced perfectly and the flames don't overtake the jersey or make it too unrealistic  
+ The new shoulder patch looks solid with the 90's logo set
+ I like that there's no hem stripe, flame or simple. The large black red space looks excellent and makes the white logo, numbers and arms pop

- The numbers are blurry on the back and too large on the arms
- It'a minor, but I would have use the 90's font (which is sort of italicized version of these numbers and more narrow) to match the era of the primary logo

Rating: 8.75/10

Chicago Blackhawks Concept (By: Jack G.)

+ I like the Hawks barber pole jerseys like most do, but a more subtle version would be better for an alternate rather than a one time jersey
+ C tomahawk on the arm striping looks solid
+ I dig the Bulls/White Sox script on the helmet

- Maybe it's the over saturation of roundel logos being unveiled these days, or that the Blackhawk have better roundel logos, and even the unroundelled logo would look better
- The numbers on the back are spread out apart and there's too much space between them
- The NOB is too large (unless that was intentional)
- The red used is too bright against the white and black, especially when the stripes are pilled on top of each other

Rating: 7.25/10

St. Louis Blues Concepts (By: Mike S.)

+ If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Now the Blue can say they're part of that category and I'm glad Mike keeps things relatively the same
+ Squared yokes are a minor change, but it looks the best of the 3 versions of these yokes I've seen (angled 98-07, rounded 14- present, and this)
+ Excellent execution, as expected from Mike

- Having double blue on the gloves looks weird, like how it would look on the pants
- Don't forget helmet logos

Rating: 8.25/10

Seattle Ice Dogs NHL Expansion Concepts (By: William B.)

+ I dig that the team isn't a Mets rehashing, but it still takes inspiration from them. The name Metropolitans is slightly out dated and shortening it to Mets...well bad luck to ya
+ Lots of teal and gray, like Arturs Irbe ran into Andrew Cassels and the combining force threw them to Seattle....the point is it looks like Hartford + San Jose
+ I always like when artists make their own logos, and this looks solid
+ Nice homage to the Mets, they did have nice jerseys

-  The white jersey should have coluoured yokes instead of gray ones to better balance colours
- Tv number s are too small, and the nob is too hard to read
- Since this is for an expansion team, do they really need a tie down, or is that trend enough to get they
- Scripts rarely work shoulder patches

Rating: 7.5/10

That's the post!
Don't forget to get your votes in.
Go Jets Go!
Have a great weekend!

July 30, 2015

Thursday: Time for a Redesign...for Real This Time

Hello guys and welcome back to another Thursday post!

Yesterday Dylan covered all of the logos and uniform news that happened so I'm just going to give my thoughts. For the pictures (aside from a few extra screenshots of the Gulls' uniforms) then go scroll down to his post!
Screenshots from EASHL trailer
As you can see the uniforms are Flames/Ducks hybrid uniforms. As much as I dislike copycat AHL teams, these would have been much better if they were just Ducks copies instead of these hybrids.

St John's: Classic uniforms but again unoriginal copies. I think going with last years version as opposed to the more classic version they're using this year (adding laces and using one color collar) was the better option for their AHL affiliate.

Winter Classic: The logos look great and I'm really looking forward to what we get uniform wise. My prediction for at least the Habs is their regular unis (possibly a different collar) with that logo on it, and hopefully they'll use canvas pants as well for accuracy.

So this week we have the final round of the HJC open with Colin and Christian and both giving us some great concepts for this final round, so go leave your vote for that, it'll be a tough one to pick. And while you're at it just move your mouse to the side of the page and vote for COTW as well. It's that simple!

HJC Open Final entries (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW July 19-25 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

So as the title says I have finished my thing about the NHL teams who need a redesign...sort of. I did numbers 5-10 and the top 5 teams will be up next week. The order has changed slightly but none of teams themselves have, so my listing from last week is somewhat accurate. Anyways enough rambling, here it is! (contained in a spoiler tag since I now know how to do two in one post)

Onto the concepts!

Brooks F. - Reading Royals
Idea: Holy purple!(1/1)
Creativity: Definitely (1/1)
Execution: -Vertical stitching needs to stop at the chest stripe and then continue afterwards. 
-Inside of the collar should be black on both jerseys
-Otherwise solid (1.25/2)
Realism: Definitely, especially for the ECHL with all the diamonds in the stripes(1/1)
Pizazz: I can't say no but I can't completely say yes either (0.5/1)
Other areas: 
+ I love how the logo blends right into the chest stripe. It wouldn't have exactly the same effect in real life but still it would look cool 
+Good logo choice all around
-Diamond overload. Waaaay too many. Either lose some or sublimate them
-The purple jersey may be too purple. I would make the pants black, but leave them purple for the white, or use shells since an ECHL team may not be able to have 2 sets of pants.

Overall: (7.75/10)

Brooks F. - Utah Grizzlies
Idea: This is a crazy jersey for an ECHL team. Fits well (1/1)
Creativity: Oh definitely (1/1)
Execution: Vertical stitching needs to stop at the hem stripes and the inside hem on the front should be green. Otherwise solid (1/2)
Realism: For anywhere above the ECHL probably not, but this is the ECHL (1/1)
Pizazz: For sure (1/1)
Other areas: 
+This color scheme looks great
+The logo choice is great again as well
+Good choice leaving the pants blank
-I would flip the hand around so the nails are on the claw marks. To me right now it almost just looks like a decapitated hand

Overall: (8/10)

Ryan C. - Grand Rapids Griffins
Idea: Simple design and classic looking alternate (1/1)
Creativity: Creative concept (1/1)
Execution: There are a few loose white pixels near the armpit of each jersey. Otherwise solid (1.75/2)
Realism: Definitely (1/1)
Pizazz: Nope (0/1)
Other areas: 
+Good, simple design that actually reminds me somewhat of the Red Wings
+The striping pops in a good way
+The font looks great
-Nothing really

Overall: (8.75/10)

William B. - Las Vegas Fighting Saints (NHL Expansion)
Idea: If the NHL expands to Vegas they definitely need some jerseys(1/1)
Creativity: Creating a team is definitely creative(1/1)
Execution: TV numbers look too small, otherwise solid (1.5/2)
Realism: For a Vegas team I'm pretty sure they're sold on Black Knights, but this is definitely a realistic look regardless (1/1)
Pizazz: I think so (1/1)
Other areas:
+The custom logos look great
+I like the use of the Minnesota Fighting Saints logo
+Saints of Sin City sounds contradictory but it works really well
+Great touch adding a T-shirt design
+The wordmark on the third jersey fits well
-The arm striping should be widened to match the hem striping
-I'm not sure that logo is really enough for primary status. It looks more like a shoulder patch to me. I have no idea about your knowledge and skill of designing logos, but it's hard to do without experience.

Overall: (8.5/10)
Quick note on presentation: I like the presentation layout and it's pretty much the same thing I did when I used this template but the back needs to be more visible, it's very hard to see the numbers and the font from the way it's laid out now, and in my opinion the TV numbers don't really show you how it would look on the back of the jersey.

And that wraps up this post. It's hard to pick one but I'm going to nominate William B.'s Fighting Saints concept for COTW since it can be hard to create an expansion franchise and he did a pretty good job of it. Do you want to leave your opinion on redesigning, or a concept on today's post, or nominate a concept? Then leave a comment! I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you again next Thursday.