October 9, 2015

Friday: Your Healthier Alternative

Hello everyone! Welcome to another episode of the Friday... Hockey thing.

Alright, enough of that.

Sorry about the delay and the whole not being there thing. Had a crazy little beast called tech week for a show I was a part of. It all went great, but if there's one thing I missed out on it was writing. Rule of thumb, if you guys ever get a job writing for the website, don't let Ryan try to translate your messages. What I REAAALLY said was that the Maple Leafs will probably end up in dead last this season, or the next ten or so slap-slap-slap clap-clap-clap. Classic mess up, Ryan. I don't blame ya man.


Well, I have an idea. Who's got alternate jerseys? I don't know, some teams. So that's what I'm gonna do. Who has the best alternate jerseys in the NHL. This list only pertains to those who are wearing alternate jerseys in the upcoming regular season as according to the calendars that have been posted, and this is only going to count jerseys considered alternate jerseys, not just vintage jerseys a la Sharks. Keep that in mind while reading this! Ladies and gentlemen, let's take it away!

10. Tampa Bay Lightning

We've all heard this spiel by now. This jersey is incredibly meh. The all black was a fine idea, this just wasn't the best way to go about it. The Bolts wordmark also looks a little dopey here.

9. Carolina Hurricanes

I actually think this jersey is just a little... overzealous. It tries to get that whole thematic thing and it succeeds swimmingly, but at the cost of a great jersey. It's good, definitely the best thing the Canes have to wear, it's just not substantial.

8. New York Islanders

Ah, the all new all black. It's so... barren. I wish there was more stuff on this jersey. It is a definite upgrade over past alternates, but christ this jersey just seems very much like what we were expecting and even a little less. People actually told me an all black jersey wasn't going to happen. Well, they were technically right, as the jersey has a little spritz of orange on the stick.

7. Washington Capitals

A vintage jersey. Neat! They aren't the only team on this list that does this. But why are the Caps so low? Because I just do not like the classic red white and blue. I thought that the blue and bronze was the best era for the Capitals. But sadly seeing another team spouting the American flag across their chest is a little uncreative. I don't hate the jersey, I just wish they reached for another time period to grab a jersey from.

6. Colorado Avalanche

It's hard to say much about this jersey. We haven't even seen the real version of this jersey. But from what I can see, I like it. The logo is a little big, but navy is just such a good color for the Avs. I wish they used it more. I guess I am a little biased though, as my favorite colors are navy and burgundy.

5. Edmonton Oilers

This is another new jersey, which in my opinion is very solid. I think it's got some sort of... gusto. It's got that old vintagey feel that translated so well into the Edge template. I think this is a pretty solid jersey, and I hope that Edmonton realizes that orange is such a great color!

4. Minnesota Wild

I love this jersey. Good god I do. It's absolutely gorgeous. The subtle touches of red. The fantastic use of cream. That deep shade of forest. That stylized wordmark. This jersey is simple and effective in all the right ways. I think it's a classic.

3. Anaheim Ducks

Another new jersey, but I'm sorry. I've been waiting too damn long for orange to come to Orange County. And this blew me away. Not only did we get the old classic Mighty Ducks logo that infatuated me so much as a kid, we got something totally new! Everyone was expecting a recolor of the slanted eggplant and jade! Anaheim really has a beautiful jersey here.

2. Columbus Blue Jackets

A classic case of faux vintage done right. This jersey combines the double blue scheme (something adored by most of the writers) with a tasteful roundel, yoke, stripe pattern, cream, and lace collar. All things that make me love jerseys that much more. It's so fitting for the team, I absolutely adore its simplicity.

1. Pittsburgh Penguins

I can hear BPoe screaming from here. I love this jersey because it does mean a lot to me, it holds so much history, and is down right beautiful. It reminds me of my childhood, spending time with my uncle who was obsessed with Lemieux and Jagr. It reminds me of a time when the Penguins didn't think vomit was a good substitute for yellow. It reminds me of a time when the East dominated. Not only that, but good god, those colored sleeves, that bright beautiful logo, that cleanliness and sharpness that makes a player stand out on the ice. I really hope the rumors are true and this will be the primary again. I really want to see the white version of this return, or even better yet (call me crazy) but the golden version as the away.

all images belong to their respective sources


It's votin' time! We've got a lot of great concepts, and I mean A LOT. On top of that, we've got some absolutely fantastic concepts for our Golden Blades competition. It's gonna be a close one!

COTW Sept 27-Oct 3 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Golden Blades ReDesign Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 9:59pm Eastern)


Brooks F - Nashville Alternate

Execution: Solid. (1/1)
Striping: This is a far cry from the other Pred jerseys. I really like the way that it reflects onto the shorts. The yoke outline does seem a little thicker than the the arm and hem, but I'm guessing that's just an optical illusion. (1.5/2)
Effectiveness: I think Nashville would be a good home for this. (1/1)
 Not incredibly creative, but a new idea for the Preds. (1.5/2)
Other: I do like the fact that the jersey does take on this almost guitar pick like shape. It's really cool. One issue I do have is in the numbers. While a great set of numbers, they only shine when there's more straight lines in the concept. It does detract a little, but not much. Switch those numbers out, maybe add a bit more flair, and you've got yourself one hell of a jersey. (3/4)

Overall: A great setup. It does have a few drawbacks, but damn near every jersey does. Still a beautiful concept. Goo work. (8/10)

Jake88 - ERC Ingolstad (DEL)

Execution: Killed it. (1/1)
Striping: It's straightforward. A single slash through one, and some arm stripes on another. I love it. The pants do seem disjointed, not matching up to anything. The pants, in my opinion, should be a continuation of the concept, reflecting ideas or patterns. It's one part of the jersey that a lot of people glance past. While someone in the stands wouldn't be wearing a pair of hockey pants under their favorite jersey, the guys on the ice would be. (1.25/2)
Effectiveness: A great way to simplify a cluttered team. (1/1)
 It feels very Adidas redesign to me. That's good though, the simplicity of the ideas matched with modern tastes. I love that template too. Please, if you're reading this post a link to it in the comments! (1.5/2)
Other: The removal of red was smart. Blue on blue is a real winner no matter what. The jersey is very simple and straightforward. One thing I would've done is to drop the light blue stripe of white socks to the bottom of the leg. (3.5/4)

Overall: It's a great, simplified concept. I've seen a lot of stuff like this, but that doesn't mean I still can't appreciate it. (8.25/10) and a COTW nom

Jan S - Charlotte Hornets (NBA)

Execution: The resolution of the jersey itself seems a little low to me. On top of that, it seems as though there were a few dead pixels left around the collar. The stitching from the jersey should end right where the striping starts. Look at some other artists to see what I mean. Another thing that Jake did in the last concept was make sure to watch the 1 next to the 5 on the arm. It's a small detail, but put into perspective it speaks about a jersey more than you would think. Lastly, the numbers are way too big. Just watch for some of those details! (.25/1)
Striping:  I don't know how i feel about the home. It's a little too traditional for a team whose colors are indigo and teal. That being said, the home is perfect. Beautiful job with the use of color, the ghost yoke, and the overall sense of connection. Again, try to do something cool with the pants! This does work here, but it could tie in a little more. It works for the home, but try to consider that away as well. (1.25/2)
Effectiveness: Yeah, as a fan jersey I could definitely see this being sold at an athletic store. (1/1)
 It isn't new. But it's new enough. That's always my mindset for concepts. This doesn't break new boundaries, something that could be done easily with the Hornets. So much I feel that an NBA or specifically Hornets comp should be the next on the calendar. The away definitely does a better job of conveying the message. (1/2)
Other: I gotta say it here. That font is fantastic. I know it's a little too... basketball. Christ, though. It's amazing here. I think this font could be used in a lot of great places. (3/4)

Overall: Keep working out all those kinks!  (6.5/10)

Lucas D - San Jose Sharks

Execution: If you're going to be using logos for a project, a good rule of thumb is to look for background-less png files. That'll get rid of that white border. If you want a font, try using the fonts on the website. Also check out the left shoulder on the home. Finally, make sure you watch the 1 against the 2 on your arms! (.25/1)
Striping: Two things have happened here. You've taken the current Sharks jerseys and added a stripe at the base, with a yoke at the top of the away. The second is that orange has been replaced by silver and placed so there's a symmetrical striping pattern. It's basic. A tried and true design. (1.5/2)
Effectiveness: San Jose is always a team to do some weird things just because. I think this is a little too traditional for them. (0/1)
 It's a jigsaw puzzle of the Sharks' past, not really presenting many new ideas. (.5/2)
Other: I think the biggest hit for this jersey is the execution. There are pixels randomly erased, the logos and font have those dead spaces, the arm numbers. It's the fine details that can make or break a concept. Really try to hone in on those. (2/4)

Overall: It needs a lot of work. Try going for those resources that the website has for you! Check out some of Ryan's tutorials on the site! We've got a lot of stuff here that can really help take your jerseys to the next level. You've got the ideas, now it's just that execution. (4.25/10)


Well, that's it for today! Let me know what you guys think.

I want to hear what I did wrong. I want to hear what I missed. I want to hear all of that. This is just my opinion, but you guys can have an opinion as well, and you should voice it! 

After finally getting myself really settled in at college and getting on a consistent schedule, I can finally clear my mind, declutter, write the articles that I want you guys to read, and focus on what I love. Graphic design, hockey, and the great combination of both.

I hope your team has a great run this season. Unless you're a Kings fan. Then I hope you end up missing the playoffs again. May the best team win, folks. May the best team win.

-Jack G.

October 8, 2015

Thursday: It's a Hockey Night in Pittsburgh

Hello again and welcome back!

So I don't have too much time today for the post so I won't be doing any lists or rankings of any kind, maybe next week if I have time. But if you're reading this you probably have some time on your hands. And you know what you can do with that time? To vote! A large COTW vote and a competition vote this week, so go place your votes!
COTW Sept 27-Oct 3 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Golden Blades ReDesign Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 9:59pm Eastern)

Just moving right along, onto the concepts already:

Steven M. - Rochester Americans
+Definitely has a classic look to it
+As expected with an anniversary/fauxback jersey it's kept quite simple
+I like the star shoulder patches
+The logo fits really well on the jersey
-It needs to be a tad bigger though
-The numbers and name should be plain blue, or at least blue with a red outline, to match the logo
-there should really be hem stripes here, especially for a classic design
-ADD ID unless that's what Torbs is

Overall: Simple, solid design (7.5/10)

SOmeone- Newcastle United
+Quite an interesting design there for the home/away
+B&W matches the team colors
+The alternate sticks closer to their actual set and also adds some new things
+I like how the pants stripe on the home/away matches the arm stripe..thing
-The vertical stripes on the alt socks...I mean it could work but it would have to go all the way up/down, and I also wouldn't do it anyways
-I'd also get rid of the pants stripe for the alt, the jersey already has a good bit of stripes.
-The home and away could use something on the hem

Overall: Interesting design (7/10)

Jan S. - Brooklyn Nets
+Matches their jerseys a bit but also brings something new to the table
+Simple and solid
+Both designs are good designs
+I like the font
-I think it would be better if the jerseys matched
-Stitching needs to stop at the hem stripe
-On the dark helmet, it shouldn't recolor it like that, there should still be a shadow rather than that turning into highlights

Overall: Nothing to blow you away but a solid design nonetheless (7.5/10)

Lucas D. - 8 Bit NHL Jerseys
So our last "concept" today is the only NHL in this post today, and it isn't really a concept. I think this is a pretty cool idea, I'm not sure what it's for though. This does remind me of Minecraft and the skins for it I've made myself. The only critiques I really have are that the Pens jersey should have a white stripe on the bottom above the yellow, and the Habs logos are too large on the jerseys, but it doesn't matter on the white as much as the red. Not sure how to rate it so I'll just leave it at that.

And that's that. I hope you guys enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you again next week!

October 7, 2015

Wednesday: Tonight's the Night

Today's the big day!!!! The Cubs-Pirates Wild Card game!!! I mean, HOCKEY STARTS!!!

After what seemed like a million years, the regular season officially begins tonight, and the Blackhawks attempt to defend the cup starts as well. Of course, I'll only be half paying attention to that because the Cubs are playing in a playoff game, which is weird to say.

It feels weird to be paying attention to baseball at this time of year, since the Cubs have been in major rebuilding mode, or as some here might know it, "Edmonton Oilers Mode", for a few years, they're basically eliminated from playoff contention in like, MAY. So tonight may be the only night I'd ever wear a shirt like this...
Shirt/Image - Cubbytees.com
No big CHL logo or jersey tournament, or power ranking. No time for that today. Busy day with playoff baseball and opening night hockey. I'm sure you all have your own preparing to do, so I'll deal with the Erie Otters next week... I want to talk about them.......

Anyway!!!!!!! Before we get to the good stuff, I'm going to remind you all to vote.

Please vote....

COTW Sept 27-Oct 3 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Golden Blades ReDesign Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 9:59pm Eastern)

Ok Ok Ok... Guys... calm down... jeez.... Here's your concepts

Boston Celtics Hockey Jersey Concept - NBA/NHL Mashup Series - Jan S.
First off, I'm not seeing where the "NHL" part of the mashup is, so maybe consider changing the name of the series. If you really wanted this to be a NBA/NHL mashup, then maybe make the logos or Jersey more Bruins-ish...

Things are kept pretty simple on the uniforms, much like Boston's actual jerseys. The three stripe looks good. If you really wanted to stick close to the Celtics jersey design you may only use two stripes, but this is still pretty close. I don't really care for the addition of black to the green jersey. I know the actual Celtics did that, but meh. The white jersey is much better since there's no black in the striping. That's another thing that bugs me, the jerseys are basically the same but there's inconsistencies with the design, but that's more of a personal thing I guess. Also, the sock patterns don't match. I think the white sock is the best because it matches the jersey, I don't see why the green sock can't do that. The phantom yoke could also go. I also don't feel that the pants design goes with the rest of the uniform.

Rating: 6/10

Team Belarus Concept - Taylor R.
Look at that pattern. Mmm. Classic looking jersey with the patterned striping and boy howdy does it look good. I like everything here except the number font. Maybe it's just the one looks weird with the wimpy little serif. I think a more basic block font may be best, or maybe there's a better font to go with the pattern in the striping.

Rating: 8/10

Team Switzerland Concept - Taylor R.
Taylor wanted to use the cross, and he sure did. I think he's teetering on overkill with it. I think if the crosses on the hem, both front and back, I think it'll be perfect....maybe the pants or socks ones too.... Otherwise, pretty solid.

Rating: 8.5/10

Ottawa Senators Concept - Ryan C.
Ryan makes the copper color a part of the uniforms again, and it looks great. The design is simple but it works. I also really love the font, maybe because it's the Cubs number font, but damn does it look good here. Nothing much to say. Very simple design but it works. It hella works.

Rating: 9/10

And there it is. Another Wednesday dead. The next time you hear from me, the NHL season will be a week old... Isn't it beautiful?

October 6, 2015

Tuesday: Beginning of The HJC Logo Tournament

No, this is not going to be ran by Ryan (our site leader who basically runs everything that you see on this page). This is just something I'm going to do weekly to fill in my posts more so you have more things to look and interact with. This tournament will flourish off your comments. Won't be a voting poll on the side, and no e-mail interaction. Vote with your comments, and while you're there, give a COTW nomination if you feel.

I'll try to keep this explanation short. I'm going to do the three CHL leagues, AHL, and NHL. Winners of those leagues will face off at the end to decide who has the best of the best. I think we all have some sort of idea already who will be at the end, but I'm curious to see how some logos face off against each other.

We start today with the first round of the OHL. The seeding is randomized. When I get to the final rounds there will be an odd number of matchups. To settle this I will reward a round bye to teams with the highest total votes throughout the tournament. In the comments just write down the team who you think has the better logo. It can be because of pure looks, you're a fan of them, or it's a memorable look to you. I don't care what your reason is, let us know!

OHL Logo Tournament Round 1:

    1A.) Barrie Colts                              1B.) Sudbury Wolves

         2A.)  Erie Otters                        2B.) Mississauga Steelheads

3A.) Flint Firebirds                           3B.) Oshawa Generals

4A.) Guelph Storm                   4B.) Ottawa 67's

5A.) Hamilton Bulldogs                   5B.) Saginaw Spirit

6A.) Kingston Frontenacs                 6B.) Niagara Ice Dogs

7A.) Kitchener Rangers                  7B.) North Bay Battalion

8A.) Peterborough Petes                 8B.) Owen Sound Attack

   9A.) Sarnia Sting                       9B.) SOO Greyhounds

10A.) London Knights                     10B.) Windsor Spitfires

Next week since it won't be a last minute idea I will have the tournament board ready so it's easier to follow along. I think it's obvious to say but you need to vote for every matchup. Votes won't count if you just do one match. Not saying that someone would, but just incase. Make sure to head to the comments section after you check out the rest of the post to vote!

COTW Sept 27-Oct 3 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Golden Blades ReDesign Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 9:59pm Eastern)


Now onto the normal day of concepts!

Chicago Bulls Concept - Jan S.
This is basically for the most part an edited Blackhawks look with the Bulls logos and numbers on them. And for that reason it's still not a very bad jersey at all. I'm sure these actually exist somewhere in Chicago. The negatives to me are the phantom yokes, and the hem striping on the hem doesn't match the arms. I would go either way. You could take out the red stripe on the arms and it would look just as fine. Also, a white outline on the logo for the home. Can barely see the logo from a distance.

Rating: 7/10

Chicago Blackhawks Concept - John E.
This is a Chicago Blackhawks jersey that keeps it very Chicago Blackhawksy, but also goes in a different direction. Obviously this takes aspects from the Winter Classic jersey but adds some extreme flare. The funny thing is, the slight slant is actually a huge modern swing for the Blackhawks. I like the script and I like the slanted chest striping to go along with but I feel it's a downgrade compared to the Winter Classic look. I would like to see the script done on a white jersey with no chest stripe and have regular Chicago striping just to see how it was.

Rating: 7.3/10

Nashville Predators Concept - Ryan C.
Ryan C goes very traditional in this Predators set. Unfortunately I'm really not a fan of this. It's pretty simple and for the Predators I'd like to see something more. Maybe if the 'NP' logo was on front it would call for a little bit more traditional design but that logo screams for modern. Also, the numbers on the back for the away jersey I would make blue. Blue is the dominant color for the home but takes a step back on the away. Color balance would make the away a lot more effective.

Rating: 6.9/10

Carolina Hurricanes Concept - Taylor R.
This looks similar to a concept I did for the 'Canes awhile back. Glad that Taylor has good taste in design. He keeps it classy and simple but still adding in the Hurricanes vibe on the striping. I was kind of skeptical of the grayscale numbers on the away jersey but under further review the call on the play is overturned, I agree with the color decisions. The whole design for what it's worth is very nice. I would like to see the 'Canes in a more modern style but this is still nice.

Rating: 8.3/10


October 5, 2015

Monday: Czech Marks the Spot

Bad puns aside, welcome to the Monday post.

Let's start with jersey news, as the Regina Pats have unveiled new jerseys which may look familiar to two fan bases.

Photo from: globalnews.ca regina

The blue jersey looks like the beautiful Rangers NY alternate, and the white jersey looks like an updated 1990-1996 Jets home jersey. Both jerseys are beautiful and the darker colours look much more mature than the primary colours. The shoulder patches are nice and I'm glad they're moving towards a military theme and away from the ugly dog logo. I do agree that the primary logo is not the greatest but it's a staple of WHL and I wouldn't wanna see it go away, especially for the dog logo.

Rating: 8/10

In keeping with what William did yesterday, I'll begin my own CHL super ratingathon, although we'll start in the QMJHL and move west since I live in a QMJHL city, then to the OHL and finally to the WHL. We'll also include the jerseys because, as we'll see, a mediocre logo can be saved by good jerseys and vice versa 

18. Charlottetown Islanders

For a team that so many people were looking forward to seeing, after years of the less than great P.E.I. Rockets, what we got was terrible. The logo is good, so why not put it on the jersey? Why use a Rangers like script and mix the Pens with the Blues/Preds? Why. The jerseys look like practice jerseys or awful alternates, but no, this is what the Islanders wear every game.

17. Val D'Or Foreurs

Photo from LMJHQ.qc.ca

The logo hasn't been actually updated in the team's history, yes they look better than when they wore AWFUL Nashville copies but the current jerseys still look like Tampa clones. However, the biggest problem is the logo, and something less clearly 1990 CHL would bring this team well away from the bottom.

16. Baie Comeau Drakkar 

Photo from ici.radio-canada.ca

Now granted, I don't hate the team's white jerseys, which use the old Thrashers away template decently, but the red and black jersey are awful. The colours coulee be much better balanced and the whole template doesn't support that. Make the jerseys match the white jersey and the team would be top 10. The logo also needs an update, which hasn't been touched since 1997 

15. Gatineau Olympique 

Photo from lapresse.ca

Talk about a team ruined by copycatting! The Olympique used to have a vibrant colour scheme and while their jerseys would be gaudy to some, they were an identity in the Q that was easily recognizable. Now, if the jersey was facing away from you, ti would look like a Kings jersey to the untrained eye. I wouldn't mind them template if they team wore their old black, purple and orange. But right now, they are bland and uninspired, especially for a team named Olympique 

14. St. John Sea Dogs 

Photo from stationnation.blogspot.com

While the Sea Dogs are not the worst use of the Buffaslug, the template is too busy. The black arms look great but on the ice a lot of the silver and white become a blur. The logo also needs work, looking less like a bad motorcycle decal and like a...Sea Dog...also this horrendous alternate.

13. Victoriaville Tigres 

Boston colours on a Buffalo jersey....not much else to say. The jersey really does look like a buffalo jersey. Dalhousie wears the exact same thing except with an even more out of date logo. The team hasn't really had the best of jerseys in any phase of their history, mostly coping existing teams (Bruins), but the yellow Sens/Pens templates  at least were there own thing. The best thing this team could do would be go back to the 80's Bruins jerseys in edge cut.

12. Shawinigan Cataractes 

The Cataractes may be inadvertently named after bad vision, but prior to this jersey, I really liked their look. A solid logo and they were making good use of the Ottawa Sens black jersey template...then this thing comes out. It seriously looks like a European team's jersey, I mean come on man! The team ditched their beautiful navy jersey, made their home jersey yellow instead of their away and went with this crap. Yes, one jersey sent a possible top 5 team lower, but it angers me so much when teams ditch a good ting for something awful.

11. Rouyn-Noranda Huskies

Photo from lmjhq.qc.ca

Beautiful primary logo and a risky move in using gradient that does pay off. The Huskies had excellent pre-edge jerseys, and their current away isn't the bad either, but the giant red arms on the black jersey look really tacky with the piping and red lace. Make those arms black and ditch the lace and you're good.

10. Cape Breton Screaming Eagles
photo from gracefellowshipc.blogspot.com

While I'm no fan of the team, it's hard to deny they look good. They've made the black yellow, a well-used colour scheme, it still is their own look. The logo isn't amazing but it goes with the jerseys. A logo update and maybe dropping the Screaming from the name would make the team look better. Obvious terrible alternate found here.

9. Moncton Wildcats

Photo from hockeysfuture.com

The Wildcats look pretty snazzy, despite having an outdated logo, though one thing has always bugged me about their jerseys, they look like team Russia. Perhaps taking away yoke away or something  but they've certainly improved since the days of their horrible black jerseys (That's a theme in the CHL. 

8. Acadie Bathurst Titans

Photo from ca.sports.yahoo.com

Talk about night and day with this team! Le Titans had one of the most mediocre looks in hockey history, have now got a fresh Spartan upgrade. The colour scheme is regal and the gold helmets are a nice touch. The jerseys however, are copies of the Jets, and not amazing ones at that. Still, a good looking team

7. Drummondville Voltigeurs 

Photo from journalexpress.ca

If it ain't broke, don't fix it, and the Voltigeurs followed that mantra when they switched to edge. The team was a Blackhawks rip off until 2005, when they made their own look, a solid logo set, and a template only they could pull off. I do think the yoke has too much black and red would look better, but I really appreciate they have a unique look.

6. Halifax Mooseheads

Photo from thechronicleherald.ca

I rarely like when a team uses another team's jersey, though the Mooseheads pull off the Wild's red jersey...better than the Wild. Their logo is amazing, though out of date, and with the addition of a beautiful green alternate 3 seasons ago, they have a great 3 jersey set. The problems with the jersey are the same I have with the Wild(s), the jerseys need a hem stripe, and the white jersey's arms look weird with the big blotch of red. Those problems are just enough to keep my team out of the top 5, though they are the best of the Maritime division 

5. Rimouski Oceanic 

Photo from ca.sports.yahoo.com

I'd call les Oceanic the Dallas Stars of the LMJHQ, where they went from a convoluted look that didn't do much and was surprisingly dull, to a beautiful simpler look. All my problems are on the jersey, the logo is perfect, despite it being only a colour change. Why are the shoulder patches the primary logo repeated? Why are the numbers under the league logo. Little things, but annoying.

4. Sherbrooke Phoenix 

Photo from hockeyphoenix.ca

It's hard to believe a team can actually look amazing by not only using a cookie cutter template, but also using the once heavily over used wheat/vintage white as well as double blue. The Phoenix's great look comes from their perfect primary logo, and good shoulder patch, a template that works with the logo, subtle details. The stripes on the pants are gorgeous, and if the team work the stripes on the socks on their arms and hem, the team would have one of the best looks in the CHL, but as is, a great look for an expansion franchise.

3. Quebec Remparts 

Photo from ca.sports.yahoo.com

Going from a team that uses vintage white to a team who ditched it for beautiful new crisp jerseys last season. The Remparts get my award for most improved in the Q that doesn't include changing the logo. The new jerseys are clean cut, and perfect for a classic CHL team like Les Remparts. 

2. Chicoutimi Saguenéens 

Photo from hockeyprospect.com

Similar to Les Remparts, Les Saguenéens  are a staple look of the LMJHQ, but I simply prefer their double blue candy cane yoke and gorgeous logo. There's a reason why this team hasn't changed their look dramatically since 1982.

1. Blainville Boisbriand Armada

Photo from sportsnet.ca

I know what you're thinking "But Jets, you've said that going with a black and white colour scheme looks awfully boring, now a team that's only worn black and white is the best look in the QMJHL?" Yes...why? Everything about L'Armada pops, the logos are simple but not to the point they are boring. The jerseys do an excellent job displaying them but again are simple. The jerseys are crisp but despite having a simple colour scheme and logos, the team has its own identity. The Armada do what the Montreal Junior tried and failed miserably to do, a unique 2 colour scheme that was still their own.

Do you agree? Excited for what I think of the OHL/WHL? Tell me in the comments!

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On to our 4 concepts!!!


New York Rangers Concept (By: David P.)

+ While I'd never want the Rangers to go full red, a half red jersey with lots of blue works very nicely
+ Usually, I don't like canvas gear, but it matches the name bar and blends nicely with the red/blue on the jersey
+ The boxed numbers are a nice idea and they work
+ Good logo choices & execution 

- The TV numbers, captain's c and numbers on the back are too small
- Don't forget helmet logos!

Rating: 8/10

HC Dynamo Czech Extraliga Concepts (By: Jake88)

+ The logo and colours are really vibrant, I love how clean and fierce the horse looks
+ The striping is simple like the logo, but not boring
+ Like the yoke patter, it looks like the hem stripe transferred as a yoke, and it works without doing an actual yoke stripe 
+ Great execution 

- The jerseys are a little plain with only one logo, perhaps some details in the cuffs or a shoulder patch would help with that. 

Rating: 8.75/10

Pittsburgh Penguins Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ The colours are much better laid out on this jersey than on the actual jerseys of the time, the striping and cuffs make a nice combination without being a direct throwback or a Bruins jersey 
+ Good execution 
+ Just a really solid but simple look I would want the team wearing if they wanted to go back to this colour scheme full time

- Would have chosen the robe-pen as a shoulder patch, but some sort of shoulder patch, rather that or the roundel would keep the shoulders from looking so bare
- Primary logo is too large 

Rating: 9.5/10 COTW Nom from me

North Carolina Tar Heels NCAA Concepts (By: Jan S.)

+ I like how the colours are balanced, with there being minimal navy on the white jersey, but lots on the blue jersey
+ The argyle is a give in for NC
+ Good work on the shoulder patches, that's a detail most don't get quickly 

- No tv numbers and NOB is too high/numbers too low
-Argyle on the white jersey is hard to make out because there's no navy, that would make a good outline to show off the details that otherwise blend into the white
- While the shoulder patches are done right, the logos are too large and the foot logo doesn't really work as a shoulder patch since it is very thin and would look like a blue blur across the yoke in reality 

Rating: 5.5/10- Keep practicing and work one the details and you'll be getting better ratings in no time 


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