February 8, 2016

Monday: HAHA Whiteout

Welcome to the Monday post, and another week on HJC!

We'll begin in the AHL where just an hour and a half ago, the Utica Comets, one of my favourite AHL identities, unveiled a throwback alternate to honour the Clinton Comets, a team who played in various minor leagues from 1927-1977, and next year being their 90th anniversary. This jersey may look familiar, but remember the era this jersey came from.

Photo from Utica Comets official Twitter

These jerseys are based on what the Comets wore in 1963-64. These jerseys are quite similar to what a lot of minor league teams wore in that era, like the Regina Pats for example. I quite like this jersey, it's plain, but I like the idea of teams doing this. Wilkes Barre Scranton did this for the Pittsburgh Hornets, and Marlies do it currently with their alternate and probable new set, the Lake Eries Monsters of Cleveland do it with their current Crusaders/AHL Barons alternate, and they specialty NHL barons jersey. OF course other teams will do it and have done it, but I am ALWAYS in favour of teams doing this.

Rating: 8/10

I may have gotten off track with the whole best of/worst of series, but we'll start back up, fittingly enough with the most recent team to redesign....Toronto.

Best:  1958-67 Home/ 1999-2011 Alternate

Photo from ice hockey.wiki.com

This jersey has undergone minor changes over these years from template to a logo outline, but when I think Maples Leafs historically, this is the jersey I think of. A successful team, a great striping pattern and the blue yoke, despite being so simple, adds so much. The modern revival was just as good (even if the teams weren't after 2004), but it's nice to see the Leafs go back to this after years of looking like it's 1970.

Honourable Mentions: Current jerseys, 1922-25 St. Pats, 1997-2004 jerseys 

Worst: 2007-2010 Home 

Photo from thestar.com

How hard was it for Reebok to make decent jerseys. The team was already terrible, why degrade them more but making the jersey look like a glorified practice jersey from most angles. It is sad, this is one of the few examples of an Original 6 team having a BAD jersey, but this is BAD. It's like something you'd see in the 30s to save money and again, the teams were HORRIBLE. Just to make this point clear: Pavel Kubina, Jason Blake, Luke Schenn, Vesa Toskala, Jeff Finger, Ben Ondrus, John Pohl, Andy Wozneiwski, Wayne Primeau, Jamal Mayers, Anton Stralman, Jay Harrison, Bates Battaglia, and of course.....the one and only.... Staffan Kornwall

Dishonourable Mentions: 1927 Green Leaf, 1927-34 away, 1988-92 (because by then Darryl Sittler's charm wore off those jerseys) 

Agree, disagree, wanna mention anymore obscure terrible Maple Leafs, go right ahead in the comments. 

Let's look at some of the White Jersey entries that have come in since Caz's post!

Brooks F.

Connor L.

Alan S.

William B.

Lucas D.

Alan H.

Jack S.

Ben S.

Hayden D.

Danny R.

Nice stuff, hey, while you're working on your entry, why not take sometime to vote for COTW and COTW January. Now that last year's COTY has been crowned, time to work on next year's vote, and that takes all of you voting for COTW....yes, even you!

COTW-Jaunary vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW Jan 31-Feb 6 (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
White Jersey Comp entries (due Friday @ 10:59pm EST)

On to today's 8 concepts!


Milwaukee Admirals Concept (By: Chase C.)

+ Nice custom font
+ The yoke shape has a nautical vibe to it, I'm not sure why but it goes with the primary logo
+ Always a fan of angled striping
+ Decent execution

- The angled stripes on the hem are on such an angle there's very little blue and the grey & white bleeds into the grey
- The primary logo itself is sick quite low
- Tv numbers are too small
- Numbers on the back are much too large, making the NOB is set too high

Rating: 6.75/10

Halifax Mooseheads Concepts (By: Jonathan H.)

+ I'm a huge fan of adding more green to the Mooseheads Wild copy jerseys
+ Decent colour balancing
+ Similar to the Mickey Mouse Devils jerseys, which are nice jerseys

- Lots of execution errors: no tv numbers, pixelated LMJHQ logo, primary logo is too large
- The biggest error is the collar and yoke. The collar is way off centre from the insert and looks unfinished. The yoke is really just two lines and it doesn't lead anywhere
- There are lots of lines on the inside of the collar that look like unfinished edits

Rating: 6/10

Valparaiso NCAA Concepts (By: Chris W.)

+ Valparaiso's current logo set is one of the nicest, and these jerseys add to this, especially with the colours (aside form one this that I get why Chris did it, but I'll get to that later)
+ The logo choices a re perfect, the V shield makes a great shoulder patch, and the alternate is quite nice and vintage NCAA hockey
+ I get a Pens vibe from this
+ Great execution, aside from two things

- The stitching should stop at the hem stripe
- The numbers on the back are too large on the home and road
- Chris, taking inspiration from the Pens, kept the upper arms as yellow on both jerseys, which makes the white jersey too yellow, switching the two would look great

Rating: 9/10 COTW Nom. from me!

Albany Devils Concepts (By: Jimmy T.)

+ If the Leafs alternate and current Devils jersey were to mix, this would be it and it works
+ I like the amount of red on the white jersey, there's much more than previously
+ Good job balancing the Devils's current identity and being unique
+ Decent execution

- Primary logo is WAY too small
- TV numbers are too close to the rm striping and are slightly too small
- Pants logo?

Rating: 7.75/10

Columbus Blue Jackets Concepts (By: Dylan T.)

+ Cannon logo and alternate numbers look excellent, I'm really warming up to using this as a primary
+ Also like using the current primary as a shoulder patch
+ Good colour balancing
+ Love this idea of the beveled star on the stripes

- Execution needs a lot of work: NOB & numbers are too large, the logos are very pixelated
- The hem stripe is too small compared to the arms
- One problem with the layout of this concept, the Cannon logo on the top is WAY TOO large and almost takes up as much room as the concepts, which are barely visible. If you mad the logo the same size as the NHL shield or signature, then the concepts would pop more and you'd have room for gear

Rating: 7/10

Minnesota Wild Concepts (By: BRX)

+ 2 matching sets....sort of but it'd be nice to have matching sets
+ Always love the trees, and a tree hem adds to an otherwise boring jersey
+ BRX solves the whole "Vintage or True white" problem Minnesota has
+ Decent execution

- Logos are pixelated, the bear head looks better with yellow
- These jerseys desperate need shoulder patches and pant logos
- TV numbers are too high up

Rating: 7/10

Arizona Coyotes Concepts (By: Dylan T.)

+ Arizona's current jerseys are really growing on me, and I like the addition of black
+ Best striping pattern the team has had since 2003
+ Like the addition of green for the most part
+ Good execution

- Needs a shoulder patch
- Striping is too thin on the hems
- Primary logo is too large
- The Coyote looks weird with green eyes, it looks good on the nose and mouth but not the eyes

Rating: 7.75/10

Drummondville Voltigeurs Concepts (By: Jonathan H.)

+ Glad you kept the V on the hem
+ A good simplification from the current slightly cluttered jersey
+ This arm pattern works a lot better

- Same execution problems as the previous concept

Rating 6.75/10


That's the post!
Don't forget to vote in both votes, do it now!
Also don't forget to work on your white jersey contest entries
Have a great week
Go Moose, Mooseheads & Jets 

February 7, 2016

New Additions from Old Habits

My excitement leven when I check the tracking on a package containing a new jersey to add to my collection and see "Package Delivered" is on a level that is potentially embarrassing.

Since the sabbatical I took from HJC back in February of last year, I have added a few new additions to my jersey collection. I now proudly have a "jersey closet." Here are some of the contents:
  • 2013 Nashville Predators customized gold jersey
  • 2009-2011 Nashville Predators dark blue alternate jersey
  • 2005-2007 Nashville Predators blue home jersey
  • 2009-2011 Nashville Predators blue authentic home jersey
  • 1998-2001 Nashville Predators white home jersey
  • 2004 Atlanta Thrashers alternate jersey (numbered lot of 2004)
  • 1994-1999 Boston Bruins Ray Bourque black authentic jersey
  • 1996-2006 Mighty Ducks of Anaheim eggplant jersey
  • 2010-2013 Buffalo Sabres Thomas Vanek dark blue authentic home jersey
  • 1993-2007 Florida Panthers red jersey
  • New York Rangers Wayne Gretzky CCM Vintage white replica jersey
  • 2002-2004 Philadelphia Flyers Tony Amonte "3D" third jersey
  • 1983 Team Sweden gold jersey
  • Team USA 1980 "Miracle on Ice" K1 blue replica jersey
  • 1988 CSKA-Moscow Sergei Fedorov white jersey
  • Team Finland Teemu Selanne Lutch blue jersey
My collection has gone from nine to sixteen in a year. My wife probably thinks I'm absolutely crazy. I'm not counting the jerseys I have in other sports...

I remember the first jersey I had. It was a James Stewart Tennessee Volunteers jersey. I still have it. No name, just the number, as is the practice with publicly sold collegiate jerseys. I think I got in 1993, and wore it to school those early years. The ones I remember the most from my childhood were again football jerseys. I wore my Reggie White Green Bay Packers and Eddie George Tennessee Titans jerseys until they were hardly discernible. My mother recalls having to wash them both twice a week. I would insist on wearing them, and playing football in them, that often. 

My first hockey jersey was the 2000-07 Preds jersey listed above. I got it for Christmas in 2009. I wore it fairly often and loved how comfortable it was. It wasn't long before I wanted another one, and other one, and another one, and anot...

You get it. Otherwise you probably wouldn't be perusing this website.

So what was your first jersey, and what new additions have you all added to your collection? Get to that comments section.

Tampa Bay Lightning concept - Lucas D.

Positives: The Lightning ditched some of their brand character when they redesigned their jerseys now five years ago. While the new logo looks more modern, the jerseys are fairly bland. Lucas brings back black as a primary color, which I’m ok with. The striping on arms/hem looks good, balancing the colors nicely. Bringing back the “Victory Stripes” under the arms was a must. The white yoke looks great on the black jersey.

Negatives: The silver shading on the lightning bolt was an interesting detail, but doesn’t actually stand out much. You really don’t notice it at all unless you look very closely. The lightning bolts on the hem stripes though…I don’t like. It makes the set feel like it’s trying too hard, if that makes sense.

Overall: A well-executed TBL jersey set with some interesting details. (8/10)

Colorado Avalanche concept - Dylan T.

Positives: The Avalanche’s pre-Reebok jersey set was a popular design. Bringing that look back is not a bad idea. It has been done many, many times, but I understand why people want it back. It was very unique and fit the team and the state they represent. The template used here is fairly simplistic, but it does give you more freedom to create designs outside of the status quo.

Negatives: The numbers are scaled slightly larger than necessary. I think in the time I have written for HJC, I have reviewed more retro Avs concepts than anything else. There’s just nothing new offered here.

Overall: Adidas just goes straight back to CCM here. It’s not bad, but I really need to more creativity to be interested. (7/10)

Montreal Canadiens Alternate concept - Dylan T.

Positives: I think the Canadiens could really pull off a blue alternate. Putting the sleeve numbers on the shoulders was an interesting idea.

Negatives: The double-color outline of the crest is intriguing. I don’t think it works, though. Taking that off the jersey, it doesn’t make sense out of context. The numbers are oddly stretched, and a little rough with pixilation.

Overall: The Canadiens are not easy to create alternates for. The crest is the most unique thing here, but it really depends on its location on the chest stripe to make sense. Take the crest off the jersey (for example: promotional material or merchandise) and it loses the context it depends on. (6/10)

Charlottetown Islanders concept - Jonathan H.

Positives: I really love the texture detail on this template. The striping fits the crest perfectly, and the colors are balanced well.

Negatives: The jerseys really need sleeve numbers. Fonts for the name and number can really make or break a jersey set (just look at the 2016 All-Star jerseys before and after the number/name font were revealed). That’s a crucial detail that is omitted here. “Phantom yoke” striping is out of vogue.

Overall: Some good ideas, but lacking in necessary detail. (6/10)

Quebec Remparts concept - Jonathan H.

Positives: While Jonathan is far from the first person to think of putting a castle rampart (as we English-types call them) pattern on Quebec Remparts jersey, it still looks good. The striping is conservative, but it’s aesthetically pleasing. The tie-down collar can work here.

Negatives: Again, no sleeve numbers. I can’t emphasize enough that the number and name font is an important detail of a jersey’s overall design. I can’t give high marks to a jersey that doesn’t have them. At least there is not a “phantom yoke” here.

Overall: This is a good design. It just needs a more attention to detail. (6.5/10)

Jokerit Helsinki concept - Sasin R.

Positives: I struggle with Jokerit sets. I have a personal problem with yellow and red touching. It’s just a pet peeve of mine. Jokerit’s colors are all bright. Your eyes get no relief or balance with them. Execution is pretty good.

Negatives: The inside of the jersey should be blue instead of white on the predominately blue jersey. I say "predominately blue" because designs like these have almost too much color even on their white jerseys to classify one as a "light"jersey and one as a "dark jersey." It's very similar to the LA Kings Stadium Series jersey from last year, not that those were bad, but there's just too much color on that white jersey for me.

Overall: This is a pretty good set for Jokerit. I would try to find a way to dial back the amount of color on that white jersey, even if it meant changing the jersey template used. (7.5/10)

Chatham Maroons concept - Alan J.H. 

Positives: The striping is conservative, but looks good. It would look good on the ice. Execution is very good. No complaints there at all.Alan's been doing this for awhile and it shows in those details.

Negatives: From a practicality standpoint, a Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League Junior B-Level team is likely going to want simple, low-cost jerseys. These aren't really simple. These are almost too professional for that level. I would imagine that you would need to take off the number outlines, tie-down collar, pants stripes and shoulder patches to save on jersey production costs. Do GOJHL teams wear white helmets with their light jerseys? I would guess not (also to save on equipment costs).

Overall: It's a good set in theory, but I would worry about financial feasibility of it. (8/10) 

Before I wrap up this post, I must congratulate Ryan C. on winning the 2015 Concept of the Year Award! Ryan was just starting out during my first stint as HJC writer, and I must say that he has come a long way in that time, especially to win over a very excellent Stadium Series concept from Justin C.

On the subject of contests, here are the voting reminders for this week:

COTW-Jaunary vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW Jan 31-Feb 6 (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
White Jersey Comp entries (due Friday @ 10:59pm EST)

See you all next time!

February 6, 2016

Saturday: CHAMPION

The winner...

by a score of 38-31...


The winner of the final COTW vote for January was Matt M's All-Star Game set. This was Matt's entry into the ASG Competition which got him entered into this vote.

Full Results
Matt M. (ASG) - 17
Matt M. (BOS v MTL) - 14
Scott G. (TB) - 8
Bradley D. (PHI v PIT) - 6
Taylor R. (BOWL) - 6
Brooks F. (MINN) - 4

With four COTW winners in January that indicates that it's time for the COTW-January vote!. You can see the entered concepts by going to the COTY 2016 page or by clicking the link in the red poll on the side of the blog. Voting will end Friday at 11:59pm Eastern.

Of course it all has to start somewhere, and that is with the COTW votes. The new nominees have been listed in the black poll on the side of the page. Check out the concepts by clicking the link in the poll or by going to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Voting ends Friday at 11:59pm Eastern.


We've gotten the COTY vote out of the way so lets start a new HJC Competition. It can be quite easy to wow people with a colourful concept, but can you wow our readers with a white concept? The new competition challenges you to create a single white concept and impress our readers. The winner of the competition is entered into the next COTW vote. Entries are due Friday by 10:59pm Eastern!


COTW-Jaunary vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW Jan 31-Feb 6 (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
White Jersey Comp entries (due Friday @ 10:59pm EST)

February 5, 2016

Friday: The End of the Week, the End of an Era

Hello everyone and welcome to Friday!

I'm gonna do things differently today, starting off with the contests.

2015 Concept of the Year vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Jan 23-30 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

We're coming up on the Concept of the Year vote! the biggest contest of 2015, deciding literally who the best artist for a full 365 days were. I know that isn't as interesting as this upcoming 2016 vote, seeing as there are 366 days for concepts. But still. It's pretty dang cool to help pick out the BEST concept of the year, as decided by you, the readers.


So now would be the time that I'm expected to talk about the Maple Leafs logo. Probably just to satisfy Ryan's love for this mediocre team.

It isn't really new. It isn't really old. I think it is a step backwards, but it does have all that weird symbolism that everyone loves. I personally prefer the old one, it did have the more modern design style that fit with the simple patterns. 


I've got a lot to tell you guys and I hope you all take the time and read this.

I know I may have alluded to this a little bit, but today marks the end of my time writing for HJC. This isn't my final farewell to the website, but a goodbye from writing. And I say goodbye because I really do wish that some day I can come back, because I truly do love this site, and like Dylan Nowak said, it is the reason my life is where it is today.

So Senior year. I was convinced that I was going to become a national news anchor, but after coming to the realization that I no longer felt it rewarding, I knew I had to find something. So I looked back to my bucket list, and in there was learn to use PhotoShop.

Where many start off pushing around the faces in photos of their friends to figure out how to use the different tools, I happened to stumble upon Icethetics, and I became hooked on this idea. It was a combination of two of my loves, art and hockey, and I wanted to be a part of it. I tried finding every tutorial I could on how to use Photoshop to make these designs, and I found two things. Dylan Wonka's Dallas Stars video tutorial, and Hockey Jersey Concepts. It was a match made in heaven and I sent my first concept, a Senators design, in. I remember how happy I got when I saw it received a 7, I was ecstatic. So I continued to make more and get more involved in the site.

When Ryan opened up applications for new writers, I jumped on it, and starting May 4th, I wrote for HJC. I was involved in a project I believed in, a place for aspiring graphic designers to learn and receive feedback, a fantastic community full of talented people.

And come today. I am in college, studying to become a marketing director, mostly focusing in graphic design. That is a change that wouldn't have happened if it weren't for this place. But I started to realize, I don't have the time now to create my own work, so how could I review other people's art?

This has been something in the back of my mind for a while, but it finally came to fruition when I became president of my fraternity, and have to attend nightly meetings for the entire calendar year. So, I decided that now was the best time to leave, now that we've got a lot of great new writers coming in.

The site is changing, and that's an absolutely great thing to see. I wish everyone here the best, and I hope that all of you guys keep on making jerseys. I definitely will, for years to come. As long as I'm doing graphic design, I'll remember the place that started it all.


So I think I'm gonna keep up with the whole different theme by just doing the basic positive and negatives of the jersey like in the very beginning. I love the percentage system but sometimes it just feels good to go back to your roots. Let's give this a try!

Dylan T - Quebec Nordiques

Positives: That 90s color scheme is rad. The angled pattern is really nice as well, and the triangular logo fits too well in this design. The double blue isn't that, there is just that right amount of contrast between the two colors that they're both their own shade. Also notice how I used all three there/their/they're's in that sentence.

Negatives: To compliment the triangular logo, I would've turned the stripe pattern on the arms in to the angle so they matched. The font is a bit much for a jersey this old school, and could use some reworking positioning. The font can be down a bit more, and the numbers moved up and smaller. The underarms being that greyish color doesn't really work too well and adds a very strange detail into the mix. As a whole this jersey doesn't scream NHL to me.

Overall: A solid jersey that relocates the Nordiques to the late 90s (7.75/10)

Jarrett T - San Jose Sharks

Positive: I love me some old fashioned Sharks jerseys, and this logo looks surprisingly good in black. The arm stripes look almost like a gradient, a very cool feature. This does look like it would fit perfectly into the mix as a throwback, and the beauty of this jersey as a whole is the fact that you took the current alternate and made it into a beautiful old fashioned Sharks jersey.

Negative: The biggest issue I have is the fact that the Shark is almost impossible to see unless you're looking for the negative space in the triangle. I wish there was a bit more silver around the jersey, because boy does it look cool.

Overall: A very cool approach to jersey design, taking something modern and mixing it with the old. (8.5/10)

Jeremy L - San Jose Sharks

Positive: The addition of grey into this jersey really makes it pop. I love any jersey that has the sleeves colored like this. This does combine a lot of the elements of old and new Sharks jerseys, the simple patterns and bright orange, a very clever choice.

Negative: The grey yoke is a little to bland for this, I would've personally cut the yoke on the home jersey. The color balance could be improved, with too much orange making the jersey too powerful in some spots on the home and dulled down on the away. Also, watch your logos. It could be a git bigger, and the bottom stripe pattern could be brought up as well.

Overall: A design that blends elements of old and new, a big leap in the small steps the Sharks have been taking. (7.5/10)

Jonathan H

In light of the issue regarding stolen concepts, I do not wish to review these concepts. My own moral compass leads me to the hypothesis that these could be stolen jerseys, as they are in the same format as the others that were found. And therefore I will not spend my time reviewing them. If ever this issue is resolved and these are found to be genuine originals, I will revisit them and give them a proper review.

Josiah B - Hamilton Bulldogs

Positive: This chest stripe is superb! Fantastic use of the preexisting elements from the Tigers. I think this is such a cool throwback set, and the combination of black yellow and white always looks great. The stripe on the bottom of the jersey looks really cool with this and does add a lot more balance that other plain chest stripe jerseys do miss.

Negative: Only a few complaints. First, the H logo should've been colored yellow for the home jersey, and second is to shift the numbers on back down. I understand it was to leave them in the center of the chest stripe, but the back does look a little crowded towards the top.

Overall: Absolutely fantastic work! A great throwback and a great show of artistic talent. (9.25/10) and a COTW nom from me

Lucas D - Toronto Maple Leafs

Positive: One of the first Toronto designs I've seen that uses double blue. And I love double blue. The ghost yoke is handled really well. It does have a more classic vibe to it that I can always respect, and it the colors do blend together really well

Negative: I wish there was more of that second blue! Show it off, make it something the eye catches. It'll make the jersey pop on the ice to have those clashing shades. The striping could also move a bit closer together, that way there's less pushing the logo upwards.

Overall: A very fun approach to the Maple Leafs jerseys that inject a new layer, a new shade of blue. (8.5/10)


Well, folks. That's it for me. Steven G. is stepping in next week as the Friday writer, so expect him this time next week.

Best of luck to all of you. I hope this week was great, and every other continues to be just as great. Keep on keeping on folks.

For the last time...


-Jack G

February 4, 2016

Thursday: Throwback Thursday

I know what you guys are probably thinking, "How many times has he used that title?", and yeah, I've probably used that title before- possibly multiple times. But it fits yet again, so oh well. 

As most- if not all of you- know by now, the Maple Leafs unveiled their new logo on Tuesday night. If you want to see it go check yesterday's post, but I love it. Great classic look, with subtle yet effective nods to their past. While some may say that honoring Stanley Cup victories in logos gives off the mentality that they won't win any more, I disagree completely. I think that it's more of just honoring the history of what they have won, as opposed to thinking it will stay like that for a while. And if teams who do this win another one, I'm sure the logo will either be changed, or that feature in the logo will no longer have the same meaning anymore. Simple as that.


And continuing the throwback theme, I figured I'd continue what I started last week, but count down my top Winter Classic matchups instead.

3: 2012
Photo from nydailynews.com
While this matchup may or may not have looked better with the Rangers in regular white, they were both some great jerseys all around, and both of them were new designs as well. The Rangers one especially stands out since they usually do not have any sort of logo on the jersey, only a diagonal wordmark.

2: 2008
Photo from penguins.nhl.com
Maybe I'm biased because of the Penguins, but it's hard to argue these both aren't great looking jerseys regardless. Especially considering that at the time, the Edge takeover was in its first season, and the Pens and Sabres uniforms were...not exactly the best. This game was a "breath of fresh air" for both teams when it comes to uniforms.

1: 2014
Photo from espn.go.com
This ones a hard one not to love. One thing that pops immediately is that it's a color on color matchup, a rarity in the NHL unfortunately. Aside from that, both some great, classic designs, and the Detroit jersey is a nice fauxback.


There are some things that happen only once a year- like birthdays, holidays, and when we name our top concept of the year. Of course we can't do that for 2016 yet, but we still have to finish up the 2015 vote, and your vote now means more than ever. So go leave your vote for the 2015 COTY, and while you're at it drop by the COTW vote. Ah 2015, I remember it like it was last year...
2015 Concept of the Year vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Jan 23-30 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


Jonathan H. - Blainville-Boisbriand Armada
This concept is another stolen concept, from the same person's Soo Greyhounds concept, but with one change here. Said change makes it a bit unique, but I wouldn't necessarily say it's a great change. 

Overall: It's mostly stolen, so it gets a (0/10)

Jonathan H. - Val-d'Or Foreurs
Like I had mentioned (if you saw the post before this edit), I had some hesitation reviewing this one. It also appears to be stolen from this concept, by Dylan Nowak/Wonka. I can see the resemblance, but there are also some areas that set them apart, so judge that as you will. Also, thank you to "Ty" in the comments for pointing this out.

Overall: 0/10

Dylan T. - Buffalo Sabres
Colors: Vibrant blue and yellow is so much better than what they use now, and the elimination of gray is something they really need.
Design: Seemingly a callback to previous designs, and pretty simple overall. Solid look.
Execution: The arm stripes are larger than the hem stiles, and while that's probably intentional, it's better to keep them the same. The back numbers are also too big -they need more space.

Overall: 8.5/10

Lucas D. - Minnesota North Stars
Colors: Similar to the one previous concept, color schemes like this are underrated. I think the black as an accent color looks much better with brighter greens and yellows, so it's a bit disappointing that you left it out on the home/away set.
Execution: Numbers are still a bit too big.
Design: Another simple design. I like the black alternate's "gradient stripes" though, and the white logo really pops there.

Overall: 8/10

Unknown Jake C. - All Star Game
First off, ADD ID. Without seeing the name on the file, I would have no idea who made this.
Design: This is basically just a paint bucket filled Flames jersey, so that's going to drag it down a lot. Not creative much at all, and out of anything you can paint bucket fill, I'm not sure how the Flames design won out, but if you like that template then to each their own I guess.
Logo: I like the idea of taking the "NHL" out of the shield for the crest, but the "all stars" below just seems tacked on.
Execution: Unless you're going for a really weird and crazy design, the tv numbers need to be rotated to match the arm.
Typography: That font doesn't fit on a hockey jersey at all. It's hard to go wrong with something like a block font.

Overall: Most of the points are lost on creativity, but aside from that, it's a start (4/10)

Chris W. - Eastern Illinois Panthers
Design: Simple pattern again. I like the white hem on the blue jersey, white hems/cuffs on dark jerseys is one of my favorite looks. The double chest stripe on the alternate gives off a really vintage vibe as well.
Colors: The blue on this concept is a great shade, and the subtle lighter blue accents look great. The vintage white works perfectly on the alternate here, for once I'm not sure if the regular white would be better.
Logos: Good logo choice, and the roundel works amazing on that jersey.
Execution: Names are a bit small on all the jerseys.

Overall: 9/10

Lucas D. - St. Louis Blues
Effectiveness: This concept literally made me say to myself "what the hell" When I first saw it. This definitely would work for a 90s jersey, aside from the fact that it's an edge cut.
Presentation: I really like the edited screencap of sportslogos.net, and it's also an indirect way of saying this concept is supposed to be set in the 90s, wether that was intentional or not.
Colors: The colors are the main thing that gives this 90s look, as these are some colors I could really only imagine being used then.
Design: The design is pretty simple at its base, but the inside stripes that draw from the logo are a great touch, I'd love to see something like that today- in their current colors though of course.

Overall: 9.5/10 and my COTW nomination.


That's all folks. I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week.